MOUMOUT is a French children’s brand from Paris that has a range of beautiful printed and solid color cotton accessories and kidswear for children ages 0 – 6yrs. MOUMOUT is a happy family that loves children.

The brand wants to offer the best in quality, softness, durability, practicality and style, while preserving the environment.

To protect children’s sensitive skins from allergies and irritation, MOUMOUT uses 100% high quality cotton labeled Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

As well, unlike other children’s homewear products, MOUMOUT’s products are 100% chemical free in order to help protect children and the environment.

MOUMOUT’s  products are all made within the European Union in Portugal by a family-run business, and are controlled, inspected and packaged individually by hand.

In their own words, MOUMOUT’s commitments are:

Zero chemical treatments.

Always more softness, that is what we want for our little ones…

We work hard to find the best way to offer them the most softness possible for their delicate skin.

Without adding chemical products whatsoever nor softeners, silicone or any others… 

Our pre-washing method allows the fabrics to become more flexible and also allows to refine the fibers naturally. 

By improving these fibers, they become softer and softer.

Every skin is different and the skin of your baby can be more sensitive than others.

Often having been confronted with the problem of hypersensitivity of the baby’s skin, we make it our priority to guarantee the perfect harmlessness of our products. 

Our goal is to create a complete range of products for the children’s home also with essentials that are declinable in a large range of colours and prints.